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Oct 2015
Declan de Wet
Oct 25 2015 19:01

@andyshora try changing the name of the JSON file to include an underscore at the beginning of the filename. That might work to get it ignored.

@SevereOverfl0w - This is an interesting approach to the issue. But in my testing, I've found that it doesn't quite work. Despite loading roots-records after dynamic-content, all of the extension operations occur asynchronously in one compile pass. This means that there would be a race condition between the two extensions on the first compile - since roots-records does a lot less heavy lifting than dynamic-content, it would finish executing before dynamic-content, regardless of the extensions array order in - the result of which is a rejection error, because roots-records won't have access to the file written by dynamic-content yet. The solution to this is to compile twice, which is not ideal.

@oliver41 - Unfortunately not. For a list of languages and preprocessors Roots supports, please refer to the documentation for Accord (the module that does all the compilation in Roots): (that being said, you're welcome to submit a PR to add it in)

Dominic Monroe
Oct 25 2015 19:07
^^ any ignored file would prevent refresh