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Nov 2015
Damian Phillips-king
Nov 07 2015 06:55
hey guys
so I am trying to render markdown written in contentful

when I try
:marked !{varname}

It does not working but when I try just by using non-dynamic markdown it works.

I saw in the roots-contentful documentation it has a markdown from but that comes up undefined when trying to use it.

Any more insight would be great.

Jeff Escalante
Nov 07 2015 13:39
yeah you cant inject a jade variable into a markdown filter i think
this is a jade limitation
i think some people have figured out ways around this
if im not mistaken we have included the marked parser as a local through then used this to parse
Damian Phillips-king
Nov 07 2015 14:11
figured it out jenius!
thanks for the response
was pulling my hair out there for a moment
Any variable we need to be accessible locally will go into locals I assume :(
Daniel Box
Nov 07 2015 15:19
@jenius i just googled npm publish branch and got your article as #2 result #jeniuseverywhere
Jeff Escalante
Nov 07 2015 19:46
yup! glad you figured it out :100:
hah, amazing @dbox
that is exactly what i was aiming for with that article
it just took me forever to google that shit and figure it out, i was like maybe this will help someone
Daniel Box
Nov 07 2015 21:36
Always 2 steps ahead