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Nov 2015
Nov 12 2015 01:22 UTC
@jenius +1 for an Azure mention. Been using that for one of my older MVC4 sites. Just about as easy to set up as deploying to Netlify.
Jeff Escalante
Nov 12 2015 07:30 UTC
@marthings werid. but glad it works!
@ohNegative i am not able to build an azure deployer, but like i said before I would happily review a submission! making deployers for ship is fairly straightforward
@johnpeele it is probably compatibility between older chokidar and newer node versions
you can pull the browsersync branch and use that locally to almost definitely solve the issue. trying to get that released soon as well
Andy Shora
Nov 12 2015 11:37 UTC
I've enabled the hashing option on the css pipeline, but the != css() line just outputs the original unhashed filename. Has anyone else experienced this? The hashed file is created though.
Andy Shora
Nov 12 2015 11:59 UTC
Has anyone seen this working anywhere? I've even cloned Carrot roots examples from Github, none of them compile for me.
We're hoping to launch a new site tomorrow, but these issues are going to affect cache bigtime, as we have the site sitting on a CDN.
David Ingledow
Nov 12 2015 17:39 UTC
Does anyone have any experience with clean URLs and deploying to Amazin S3? I created and issue that I'm struggling to solve: jenius/roots#684
Mathias Biilmann
Nov 12 2015 19:11 UTC
blatant plug @andyshora and @dingledow - but all of those issues would just magically go away by deploying to netlify
Daniel Box
Nov 12 2015 21:41 UTC
non-biased blatant: plug what ^ said