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Nov 2015
Eli Williamson
Nov 17 2015 03:14
Hey folks - anyone have a second?
I recently tried to spin up an old repo that i built on roots but can't seem to get it up and running. I think this is because of my upgrade to el capitan (mac). I believe i am getting the error documented here: however, i ran the recommended chown/chmod remediation with no luck the problem still persists when i run roots watch – any ideas?
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This message was deleted
Eli Williamson
Nov 17 2015 03:21
$ sudo chown -R $USER /usr/local/lib && sudo chown -R /usr/local/bin
usage: chown [-fhv] [-R [-H | -L | -P]] owner[:group] file ...
       chown [-fhv] [-R [-H | -L | -P]] :group file ...
$ roots watch
compiling... [Error: Error: EACCES, open 'repo/public/.DS_Store']

Potentially unhandled rejection [7] Error: EACCES, open 'repo/public/.DS_Store'
  at Error (native)
^errors i'm hitting
Eli Williamson
Nov 17 2015 05:25
nevermind, i have resolved this and got roots watch to run
Michael Castilla
Nov 17 2015 15:16
howdy guys.. got a question for those using roots and contentful. how do you associate relational content?
Michael Castilla
Nov 17 2015 15:55
also wondering why with roots-wordpress, the codebase needs to be re-compiled and re-deployed?
Nick Garland
Nov 17 2015 18:08
@jenius Any word on my problem with roots-records in the "carrot-example" code? I noticed I can't find that repor anymore on GitHub. Thanks a lot for looking into it for me.
Jeff Escalante
Nov 17 2015 19:42
hey i'm sorry but i haven't had access to internet since the other day
i will try to get to it tomorrow, but honestly im not sure if i will be able to
tomorrow i am leaving for 10 days and will be totally off the grid as well, so if i don't make it maybe someone else here would be able to help
sorry about that, i am only actually working 1 day each week for the next 3 months or so
@machito hey there, as for the contentful question i am not sure. i think that would happen within contentful itself, not roots
someone else who has used contentful more might be able to give better help
for the wordpress example, just watch the video it explains eveything
basically netlify will do the recompile and redeploy for you through a webhook
Michael Castilla
Nov 17 2015 20:49
thanks for your feedback @jenius