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Dec 2015
Martin Berggren
Dec 02 2015 15:07 UTC
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Florian Kissling
Dec 02 2015 16:24 UTC

Hey! I'm only getting to know Roots – I stumbled upon it while trying to find a new static site build tool. Apart from the Contentful extension, The "Mojotech" and "Hybrid Static" videos really grabbed my attention, and after a quite some searching I am wondering if there is a boilerplate or an example project demonstrating the "Hybrid Static" approach?

Sadly, the link to the Mojotech source points to nowhere (

Matt Rossi
Dec 02 2015 16:34 UTC
hey @fk - yeah unfortunately that repo is private, but I can answer questions or some of the guys that are on here also work at MojoTech and can answer for you
specifically @sethkrasnianski would be a good resource and @samccone (no longer here, but built the scaffolding)
Florian Kissling
Dec 02 2015 17:08 UTC
Hey @mordecai174, thanks for the quick reply and offering help – I'll take the plunge and report back!
Florian Kissling
Dec 02 2015 19:15 UTC

@mordecai174 I've been following (in a newly created Roots project) to familiarize myself with "static hybrid", client-templates and roots-records, and ran into a small problem: The initial set of staff members ( wouldn't render to HTML, while the dynamic appending triggered via the "See more carrot staff!" button would.

So I cloned, yielded a roots watch – and here the initial rendering worked.

Then I checked package.json in my newly created Roots project and found out that if I use roots-records at v0.1.0 (instead of the current v0.5.1), the initial rendering works fine.

Can you tell me what I have to do to make things work as expected using the current version of roots-records?

Martin Berggren
Dec 02 2015 23:07 UTC
@oliver41 I found your question about PostScss and had to try it out. Im using it at the moment :) Finally got sass + autoprefix to work for me! Sweeet!!

I´m skipping css_pipeline, requiring postscss and autoprefixer and in i added

postscss(autoprefixer(['> 5%', 'last 2 versions', 'ie > 7'])).process({
    from: 'assets/app.scss',
    to: 'public/css/app.css'

Compiles in a SNAP! That code could possibly be more coffeefied though i guess.