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Dec 2015
Florian Kissling
Dec 03 2015 00:00 UTC
Here's a pull request carrot/static-hybrid-example#1 to answer my own question from earlier today. :sparkles:
Martin Berggren
Dec 03 2015 08:33 UTC
Aw crap "my" solution does work when i start roots but it doesn´t watch..As you have may noticed im not that much of a developer i just want sass to work. Could you help me with this @jenius ? Can i get postscss to work with css_pipeline?
Martin Berggren
Dec 03 2015 10:40 UTC
:point_up: 11 november 2015 19:26 Okej i missed this one @jenius It does work and it was quite simple. Thank you :)
Pablo Rueda
Dec 03 2015 10:53 UTC
Hey, first Thanks for share this... Im totally impress with roots!!!
But... always... I having some problems, I'm a designer and some technicals facts are too much for me. The project works perfect in my computer, but when I upload the public folder to the server I see some CSS problems. Any idea?
Pablo Rueda
Dec 03 2015 10:58 UTC

How I can pass the server setup to the final server

clean_urls: true,
auth: 'user:pass',
gzip: true

thanks again!