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Dec 2015
Mathias Biilmann
Dec 06 2015 00:25
hey roots people! We just released a new extension adding “collections” to roots - very similar to how collections work in jekyll of middleman:
Jeff Escalante
Dec 06 2015 10:25
@fk sorry for the late response, and thanks for diving in and making a fix! hope everything is working out ok
@awonawilona - you need to configure your server separately, or you can use carrot/charge as your server and pass it the same settings. we typically use netlify which has a slightly different config but you can do all the same things. sorry for the late response and hope everything is working out for you!
@eholzwarth im not currently working on this but would love to see it accepted!
@biilmann this is awesome! thanks for putting it together :)
want to add this to the extensions page on roots-www?
Martin Berggren
Dec 06 2015 11:58
@biilmann awesome! :) exactly what i need for upcomming project
Florian Kissling
Dec 06 2015 14:10
@jenius all good, really enjoying roots – thank you!
Mathias Biilmann
Dec 06 2015 20:21
@jenius yeah, adding it to the extension page would be great :)