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Dec 2015
Jeff Escalante
Dec 11 2015 12:17
of course :tada:
Dec 11 2015 14:06
hello! I'm trying to create a static site and it has to be multilingual, i.e. 2-4 languages.
One choice is hugo, but today I found out about roots. Going to play with both. Anyone here who tried hugo and preferred roots?
In case of roots I will need to figure out how to apply, for example, bootstrap theme.
Any advice is appreciated very much
Dec 11 2015 14:55
@tenzan Are you trying to integrate bootstrap less?
Dec 11 2015 15:07
@pauljakobwhite Hi! Either is fine, just wanting to make a responsive multilingual site
Jeff Escalante
Dec 11 2015 15:14
hey there! we have a roots-i18n plugin on npm that you can try out
its relatively new but should work ok! feedback welcome
for bootstrap just do it like you normally would with css and js and stuff
roots doesn't have any special conventions for this
just include the files and you're set
hugo is a fantastic static site gen, it's only limitation is being written in go, and there are not many front end tools written in go, whereas there are a ton written in node
so you can use a range of familiar languages, compilers, etc very smoothly with roots, whereas with hugo you are much more limited
on the flip side, hugo is much faster than at least this version of roots will ever be, because go has real concurrency and they don't support as many languages as roots
hope this helps @tenzan and we're always available here to help out if you need it!
Dec 11 2015 15:19
@jenius Thanks a lot for your advice! Regarding hugo, as a result it will output anyway static files as I understood, which is a mix of html, js and css?
Then I don’t see the difference with roots
I understand, that hugo is fast for making that static files, and that’s it. Am I missing anything? LOL
Jeff Escalante
Dec 11 2015 18:34
yeah, you're missing quite a lot...
if you plan on writing straight up html, css, and js with no compiled languages, templating, or dynamic content at all, choose whichever you prefer the interface more
they will be nearly equally fast
but if you are doing that, there's hardly a point in using a static site gen. just write the html, css, and js by hand and publish the files
the difference is the input, not the output
Steve Sunderland
Dec 11 2015 20:56
@jenius is roots-i18n the right solution for creating multilingual sites using roots-contentful?
Martin Berggren
Dec 11 2015 22:33
@jenius im using node-sass and in the accord docs i cant figure out how to use the node-sass options :P I´m trying to get a better error log with sass. At the moment its just displaying error and not what file / line.
sass            = require 'node-sass'

module.exports =
  ignores: ['', '**/layout.*', '**/_*','assets/scss', '.gitignore', 'ship.*conf']

  extensions: [
      files: [
      out: 'js/app.js'
    image_pipeline(files: "assets/img/**", out: 'img'),

Ed Holzwarth
Dec 11 2015 22:49
@pauljakobwhite Sounds like the problem I ran into with Contenful preview API - fixed it by using tip version of roots-contentful direct from github instead of latest released version so that I could pull in this fix: carrot/roots-contentful@5b04ecb