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Dec 2015
Dec 13 2015 03:35
I assume I could include css files in layout.jade so that it will effect all extended layouts.
Here it shown for index.jade
and is views folder proper place for storing markdown files ?
Dec 13 2015 04:21
ship.conf must be in the .gitignore, right?
Dec 13 2015 07:09
hi @jenius I’m planning to use only 2 index files:
index.jade and index_en.jade, where index.jade is for content in Japanese, so I’ve set html(lang='ja’)
I’ll be including markdown files, which are placed under data/en and data/ja folders. Do you think this approach is OK?
I also think, in this approach, there’s no need to use roots-i18n, let me know I’m wrong.
And what’s the best way to embed a language switcher for ja and en, where ja is a defaut language?