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Dec 2015
Jeff Escalante
Dec 17 2015 04:43
@tenzan to your first questions, yes
to the second one, I think using an i18n plugin is a much better choice. for language switchers, this is a js thing, google around for js internationalization
@TimStallard this might be a bug in accord. i don't think i've ever heard of anyone using swig. can you get any locals in there at all?
@EnMod npm i roots -g
whatever version that installs is the stable one, and the one you should use
@marthings not that i know of, but you could ask in the jade gitter or repo!
Dec 17 2015 17:29
@jenius First of all, I really fall in love with roots! Thank you, Jeff, very much! And now my work process based on roots only. But I would to use PostHTML for my static projects. For example, there is simply beautiful PostHTML plugins like this Posthtml modular css. Because of it, markup process gets much more modular! As far as I know, Accord doesn't support PostHTML. It would be perfect! :+1: