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Jan 2016
André Goldstein
Jan 13 2016 10:14
Hi people, just experimenting with Roots, I love the way it works but I'm having an issue shipping to Netlify (somewhat similar to your video tutorial @jenius ) - the deployment works and shows in the Netlify control panel but the site doesn't get updated. Has anyone had this issue (and found a solution?) Thanks!
André Goldstein
Jan 13 2016 10:27
Just following up I think it's a caching issue apparently with hosting static sites on a CDN, Netlify have an article about how they invalidate the cache on every build but mine seemed to take about 10 minutes. Anyone else's experience with this would be great
Jeff Escalante
Jan 13 2016 11:37
@webcultist just point the dynamic content extension to your main views folder
@Fprince333 there is no way to do this, it's impossible with a static site
you'd need to have a server do this
servers are outside the scope of roots, generally
you can have roots generate slightly different pages with different html, but the server is what would have to decide when to server what
but as the other reply went, it's a much better idea to convince your company that this is an awful idea, since it is
it reduces accessibility, and you also take a hit on google if im not mistaken for trying to serve different mobile and desktop sites instead of just changing the styles
adding a server that makes this decision also increases load time significantly, and opens up a lot more opportunities for the site to be hacked, go down, or have bugs
@lolmos its layouts/**
here's an easy way to test globstar matchers:
@EnMod something is triggering a change in files your're watching. make sure any uncompiled folders are being ignored
@andregoldstein I think probably @biilmann would be able to help you here, he a dev at netlify and also a brilliant dude who is incredibly good at support
:+1: hope this helps everyone, sorry i have been in and out. back on a normal schedule in about a month!
André Goldstein
Jan 13 2016 12:03
Thanks @jenius !
Noel Quiles
Jan 13 2016 14:40
Thanks @jenius , turns out I forgot to exclude my Git folder and I had SourceTree open at the time.
Mathias Biilmann
Jan 13 2016 15:27
@andregoldstein still having issues with deploys not invalidating the cache?
Will Smith
Jan 13 2016 15:50
@jenius thanks! That’s what I thought and we got them to drop that idea.