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Jan 2016
Jan 14 2016 00:31
@jenius thanks for the help. very much appreciated. Playing with roots-contentful. awesome tool
André Goldstein
Jan 14 2016 13:55
Thanks for the reply @biilmann, I noticed that about 5-10 mins after deployment the page loaded properly so maybe there's just a certain amount of time it takes?
Mathias Biilmann
Jan 14 2016 19:14
@andregoldstein normally it should be very close to instant
but we were spinning up lots of new CDN edge nodes yesterday because of some large sustained DDoS attacks we’ve been soaking up during the last couple of days
Jan 14 2016 21:17

I'm using roots with the contentful extension. works great but not sure how i'm supposed to parse my body text as html
I keep getting the raw markdown

    div #{entry.copy_es}

doesn't seem to work
in the roots-contentful readme you have the following example

h1 Hello World
    - for post in contentful.posts
        h2= post.title
        p= markdown(post.body)

have tried the same

 p= markdown(entry.copy_es)

and I keep getting markdown is not a function as an error

Any ideas why this doesn't work?

Jan 14 2016 21:43
I guess the main question is how does carrot do it when they pull markdown from contentful. it obviously works for you guys
Jan 14 2016 21:45
hey guys, I'm following along on the webinar for roots + contentful ( . When I run roots watch, I'm getting '''compiling... [TypeError: Uncaught, unspecified "error" event.]'''
compiling... [TypeError: Uncaught, unspecified "error" event.]
any ideas?
is there a more specific error somewhere?
André Goldstein
Jan 14 2016 22:17
@biilmann Thanks that might explain it, definitely very happy with the ease of integration with Roots. If I get more involved with static and by definition Roots, I'll definitely keep my sites with you guys. At the moment we're doing a fair few things with Statamic.