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Jan 2016
Martin Berggren
Jan 18 2016 09:00
Anyone tried polymer with roots?
Jeff Escalante
Jan 18 2016 12:45
nope, but its just a front-end thing. should work fine just load it in and make it happen. jade supports custom tags
Cassiano Montanari
Jan 18 2016 18:55
How can I test my roots branch? hehe
Steve Sunderland
Jan 18 2016 21:07
@lolmos you might need to install a markdown plugin. I fixed this by doing npm install marked --save and adding the following to
marked        = require 'marked'
    markdown: marked
@scottsandersdev I was getting the same error after trying to update to the latest version of roots-contentful. Try downgrading to 0.0.8 and see if that works? npm install roots-contentful@0.0.8 --save