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Jan 2016
Jan 20 2016 01:23
thanks @stevesunderland . I tried that. I actually tried starting over again with a fresh sprout project, now I'm getting another error. Haven't had a successful compile yet. Latest error -
compiling... [Error: [object Object]]

Potentially unhandled rejection [4] The query you sent was invalid. Probably a filter or ordering specification is not applicable to the type of a field. (WARNING: non-Error used)
@jenius what's the process for debugging generally? Is there any more details on the errors thrown? I'm trying to figure out what filter it is referring to. Thanks
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Jan 20 2016 16:53
Has anyone else received this or a similar error when using the roots-contentful extension? The extension has given me several different errors, is it possible the version I have is just broken? I've tried .08 and .09