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Jan 2016
Jan 31 2016 06:52
Hi all, what is the best way to change img size? i am using the axis figure() element but it seems to be taking up the whole screen..
Jan 31 2016 07:10
This message was deleted
Jeff Escalante
Jan 31 2016 09:26
Roots still supports scss fully. Just install node-sass and change the extension to sass or scss
Stylus has all the features that sass has, and some that sass does not. There is no logic you will find in sass that stylus doesn't have :+1:
We will be switching the default to postcss though over the next month or so, which will give people lots more options and flexibility. Of course you will still be able to use sass and stylus though
@k00k i'll be working on getting a super smooth integration with babel 6 on the latest release as soon as I can. Will update here when it;s ready
In the meantime if you are having trouble, stable release is best as declan said
Sam Smith
Jan 31 2016 11:26
Hey. Anyone able to help me get this hook thing to work? carrot/roots-records#28