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Feb 2016
Jeff Escalante
Feb 01 2016 07:35
for @k00k and anyone else having issues with babel on the browsersync branch, I just resolved the issue and have babel 6 working nicely :tada:
i'll have the fix on the branch shortly, and probably cut a new roots release tomorrow
Jeff Escalante
Feb 01 2016 07:45
for anyone with the browsersync branch, just run npm i on the branch and the babel issue will be resolved :+1:
@smth answered issue on github. sorry I was a little late, hope this helps!
Jeff Escalante
Feb 01 2016 07:52
ah and of course pull down first before running npm i
Steve Babigian
Feb 01 2016 14:02
@jenius thanks, I’ll give it a shot shortly and let you know how I get on
David Eglin
Feb 01 2016 15:54
This is probably a really stupid question, but is there a way of using boolean logic within app.js? For example, I have roots-contentful set up and working, but because I have my local development version looking at the preview version of content, it can pick up content that I am editing that doesn't yet have a category set on it. Normally I would use the category in the url, but when it isn't set yet, it is throwing an error, so I want to bypass it when category is undefined