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Feb 2016
David Eglin
Feb 04 2016 10:51
Hey guys. Is there any further info anywhere on your implementation of page.js with roots-client-templates? I've watched the case study video but i'm wondering if there's anything I can read anywhere
David Eglin
Feb 04 2016 15:33
Also, is there anywhere I can find out about paginating stuff in Roots? The only thing I've seen is using external API calls to pull in more data to an index page, but for a blog it might be preferable to paginate etc?
Feb 04 2016 23:27
@chasevida Hi! I am running into the same root v3 sortissue and I am no sure to understand when you said that you used a view_helper to solve you issue (to be honest, I don't really know what aview_helper is … I am not an expert but I have been trying hard). That would be awesome if you could give a bit more details!