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Feb 2016
Eli Williamson
Feb 12 2016 01:37
how do we use vars on the latest build? - var page = "string" won't work anymore.
thanks @jenius !
Malone Hedges
Feb 12 2016 01:45
What's the recommended version of Node to be running roots v4.0.0?
Malone Hedges
Feb 12 2016 02:00
How can I make sure that roots is able to compile my website using Travis?
Malone Hedges
Feb 12 2016 03:11
Is there a way for me to compile the git version into my templates?
Eli Williamson
Feb 12 2016 05:29
figured out that var wasn't working because the var was being called before it was defined (in the head element for the page title)
however, i hit a snag on deploying to gh-pages. Here is the error i recieved
{ [Error] message: '', code: 403 } Potentially unhandled rejection [6]
might be a bug in the latest build @jenius
Sailesh Patel
Feb 12 2016 22:38
this is going to sound stupid, but how'd you deploy a roots site using Github hosting?
Jeff Escalante
Feb 12 2016 23:41
@eliwilliamson you don't need to load node-sass in, just having it installed is enough
not sure on vars, that's part of jade nothing to do with roots
ah nvm just read your update
for the gh pages update, not sure what the issue is. ship (which handles deployment) is still the same, no updates, so maybe something changed in the github API
i'll take a look at that issue when i have a chance
@malonehedges v4 or v5 for the latest roots version
i run 5
travis doesn't compile static sites, no reason to use it with roots. it's more for programmatic tests
you have full node.js access in, if you can get the git version from there you can add it as a local!
@djeglin haven't seen cockpit, will check it out!
if it looks good, i'll try it and make an extension