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Feb 2016
Feb 16 2016 11:45
Why have you guys some devDependencies with exact versions in this and some without exact versions? I'm a little confused why they aren't all with exact versions... Thanks!
Adam Argyle
Feb 16 2016 22:33
sup homies, we built a sweet blog with roots, running great, really cool workflow for contributors. BUT, i’m having a really hard time creating author detail pages programatically. all the authors have a yaml file in data/authors and i want to render them each against a layout jade file. This is very similar to what the blog feature does with posts, but I’d like to do it with authors. Ideas on how I can execute this? as authors add themselves to the build system, that detail pages are created?
i wrote a function that renders each author against a layout file in the before hook, but since we have roots records, roots yaml, and roots dynamic content, it’s too much work fo rme to supply the layout with all the locals. it’s like i need to make a roots extension, if i really wanted to do what i need.
Adam Argyle
Feb 16 2016 22:41
almost like this, but not so “post” specific
Jeff Escalante
Feb 16 2016 23:57
can't you use roots-yaml for this?
when a new author is added, trigger a hook with netlify and rebuild
if someone new is added to the authors yaml file, next build they will be in the locals...
I'm probably missing something here though haha
maybe help me a little more getting what you mean?