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Mar 2016
Mar 11 2016 08:43

@sethkrasnianski ,

i use postcss with plugins

js_pipeline  = require 'js-pipeline'
css_pipeline = require 'css-pipeline'
records = require('roots-records')
browserify   = require 'roots-browserify'
autoprefixer = require 'autoprefixer'
postcss      = require 'postcss'
customProperties = require("postcss-custom-properties")
customMedia = require("postcss-custom-media")
postcssflexbugs   = require 'postcss-flexbugs-fixes'
colorFunction = require("postcss-color-function")
precss  = require 'precss'
AdvancedVariables  = require('postcss-advanced-variables')
cssnano  = require 'cssnano'
image_pipeline = require('roots-image-pipeline')

module.exports =
  ignores: [

    clean_urls: true

  dump_dirs:['views', 'assets']

  extensions: [
    records(samples: {file: 'data/samples.json'})
    browserify(files: "assets/js/main.js", out: 'js/build.js')
    browserify(files: "assets/js/dp-pro.js", out: 'js/dp-pro.js')
    image_pipeline(files: "assets/img/**", out: 'img', compress: true)
    css_pipeline(files: 'assets/css/*.css', postcss:true)

    use: [
        autoprefixer : false,
        calc: false
    map: true

    pretty: false
Nick Lewis
Mar 11 2016 21:30
"Potentially unhandled rejection [4] The query you sent was invalid. Probably a filter or ordering specification is not applicable to the type of a field. (WARNING: non-Error used)" - I am getting this error adding contentful to the system
Jeff Escalante
Mar 11 2016 22:37
@sethkrasnianski yes, roots has a full programmatic API, it's documented on the site
you can trigger a recompile just by using that API
it's super simple, const project = new Roots('/path/to/project/root')
then project.compile(), returns a promise
@covingtondoan we'll have axis for postcss out long before bootstrap 5
and it will be better because you won't need to litter your html with tons of utility classes, it will be all mixins within your css
Covington Doan
Mar 11 2016 22:39
I keep going back and forth with which I prefer.
Jeff Escalante
Mar 11 2016 22:39
@nickeblewis sounds like you are sending an invalid query to contentful
I am a syntax purist, you probably notice this from roots haha
any extra non markup or semantic shit in my html I am not down with
style is in your css, markup goes in your html
you've probably seen before how unwieldy your html pages can get once you add more and more classes
if you've seen an angular/bootstrap app you know haha
it's such a mess, all the logic and style and markup is shoved into html attributes
axis is purposefully not as fully built out as bootstrap though, because its intended for building custom sites
not for laying down and leaving at default styles
Nick Lewis
Mar 11 2016 22:42
Thanks @jenius - since posting this message, I realised what the problem was, good old case sensitivity