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Mar 2016
Daniel Box
Mar 15 2016 07:12
@jenius for the record (and not that this should be a surprise) I've been writing css almost exactly like you've spec'd out for years
I'd love to see you release that in a more formal setting and get the word out even more :)
Nice to see it all spelled out.
Covington Doan
Mar 15 2016 14:21
@jenius So with MPG you don't use the BEM convention at all?
Jeff Escalante
Mar 15 2016 16:09
@dbox :+1: :+1: :+1:
@covingtondoan not at all. i really do not like bem. it's super verbose and repetitive, and ignores css nesting, which is the core of css
cascading style sheets
Florian Kissling
Mar 15 2016 16:33
I know I'm a bit late to the party … but congrats on the v4 release! <3
Jeff Escalante
Mar 15 2016 19:41
haha thanks @fk ! :tada:
Daniel Box
Mar 15 2016 21:01
down with bem
Shouldn't it be GPM
start with broadest down to most specific?
Daniel Box
Mar 15 2016 21:08
also i need a invite :)