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Mar 2016
Covington Doan
Mar 16 2016 00:32
@dbox I thought that too, but I like MPG because it makes me think of Miles Per Gallon
Jeff Escalante
Mar 16 2016 03:32
hmm good points on both sides
i'll get you one in the next day or two @dbox
i'll even give you a premium account ;)
Mar 16 2016 13:30
so I was thinking of using sprout with roots to provision my own set of frameworks and set up end points for other apis like oauth2/google-api-go-lang and hubot. is that something you guys typically would use it for? like for instance I'm thinking of putting semantic-ui/ ui-kit/ materialize and a bunch of different grids, then reactnative/relay/redux/revue/vue/roots/aurelia-ts/aurelia-es2016, and a few others but I just was gonna map it with sprout and have roots manage the directories for the gulp-watch etc. I know they have a bunch of yeoman generators for this but I'm not satisifed cause I want to run them and be able to switch between frameworks and ui kits and cli instances easily
was thinking to use consolidate.js for switching template engines too
but I really dig roots so far, it's probably the cleanest framework I've seen and it is kinda in a similar vein as riot/vue but it's just very simple
so it will be great for bootstrapping and working to integrate endpoints
Jeff Escalante
Mar 16 2016 13:43
@disruptiveware we haven't made a sprout template with that large of a scope yet, but it definitely is possible
would be excited to see it, and happy to support
you could use roots-records to interface with whatever endpoints