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Mar 2016
Mar 22 2016 05:29
how would you convert a date like this "2016-03-17T05:41:21+00:00" (coming from my wordpress post JSON) to something like "03 17 2015" or "March 17, 2016" ?
Jeff Escalante
Mar 22 2016 14:19
@andrewgrano moment.js
you can do it manually with js date parsing, but moment is much easier if you are doing a few different dates
Mar 22 2016 16:18
@jenius I see that your employer is also a contributor to Serverless. Are you guys moving more in that direction, as opposed to say Netlify? Are you using Roots with Serverless?
Mathias Biilmann
Mar 22 2016 16:52
@markerx why would you see serverless as something different than netlify?
things like are built with netlify, even :)
Mar 22 2016 16:53
@biilmann I was referring to specifically, which uses 100% AWS resources.
Mar 22 2016 17:24

@jenius - i thought moment.js was the correct approach! but i tried to implement it and got an error, "undefined is not a function". My package.json is correct (moment": "^2.12.0" ) and my seems correct:
moment = require 'moment'
pretty: true
moment: moment

the _singlepost.jade looks like this:

p= moment("YYYY/MM/DD")

and thats whats throwing the error.
Any ideas what I'm missing?? Thanks again!