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Mar 2016
Mar 24 2016 02:02
@jenius - thanks for your help! that worked perfectly!
Chuck Danielsson
Mar 24 2016 02:11
Hey everyone! Have been working with roots for the past week+ and have been loving it!
Came here with a question - I'm building something close to the hybrid static api model described in the videos.
However, I would like to be able to read in the relative url of content from the api, and publish the page to that url - regardless of the file name in my roots app
Is this possible?
Jeff Escalante
Mar 24 2016 14:23
@markerx haha that is great to hear. it's my full time job here to work on tooling and open source stuff :+1:
@andrewgrano glad it worked out!
@dcchuck ah interesting. we haven't seen this use case before. it's not an option in any of our plugins at the moment, but in theory it could be added to roots-records fairly quickly
are you interested in taking a stab at a pr?
Chuck Danielsson
Mar 24 2016 15:32
Yeah! I think a lot of the functionality is already in roots-contentful. Just that specifically ties in with the contentful API, I just want to connect to the roots-records API and be able to render the templates the same way (i.e. read in the output file name and path from the API)
I was digging through that repo after posting last night, picked up there again this AM
this is the spot. just would need to make it configurable
sorry, one line down, the output path
ah never mind we have the option already haha, sorry!
that out function gets the entire object returned
Chuck Danielsson
Mar 24 2016 17:21
Wow! Can't believe I missed that! Thanks so much this is exactly what I was looking for!
Jeff Escalante
Mar 24 2016 17:55
@dcchuck :+1: