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Apr 2016
Yo'av Moshe
Apr 08 2016 21:50
hi, i'm starting with Roots. this might be a very dumb question, but i couldn't find an example of whats the Right Way to install 3rd party packages like bootstrap, foundation, jquery etc'. is there a best practice for that? should I add them to my package.json? a public example would be great
Jeff Escalante
Apr 08 2016 22:03
yeah @bjesus you do this however you want
roots has no magic when it comes to the front end
you can download the file, you can use npm, whatever floats your goat
Yo'av Moshe
Apr 08 2016 22:04
got it, thanks @jenius ! thought i was missing something :wink:
Yo'av Moshe
Apr 08 2016 22:25
putting 'node_modules/bulma/css/bulma.css' in my css_pipeline doesn't seem to work though. it seems to work for anything that isn't under node_modules. any idea why?