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Apr 2016
Apr 14 2016 01:18
At the moment the only way i can get github to host my site is by pushing just the contents of my public folder as it has the index.html file. Is there any other way to do this? Re: hosting it on gh pages?
Daniel Box
Apr 14 2016 01:45
Okay I have a jade question
i have project.jade which is a template file for a bunch of different individual pages
ie: foo.jade bar.jade and baz.jade all extend project.jade
i want the url to be and but i dont really want all the individual jade files sitting in the root of my views folder
is there a clean way I could have them all live in /projects but still be available at the root when rendered?
does that even make sense
i know i can set up redirects on the server but i want it to work locally too
James Dinsdale
Apr 14 2016 08:02
@benod3107 have a look at the roots deploy command, which uses ship internally. I use it with one of my sites, and just have the source and published versions in separate repositories. I commit everything to the source repository, and then have roots deploypush the public folder to the site repository, then I never need to push to site manually.
Apr 14 2016 11:34
@molovo Thanks for the advice mate. I will attempt to use ship and go from there i suppose..
Apr 14 2016 18:06
Are there any plans to include Critical css or is there somebody who is using it with roots?
Garrick Jannene
Apr 14 2016 21:23
Is the source code from the tutorial videos available anywhere? I looked through the Carrot GH, couldn't find it. Specifically looking for the hybrid static and API