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Apr 2016
Apr 15 2016 12:27
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Dominic Monroe
Apr 15 2016 12:36
@oliver41 I don't think there is any plans, you'd just need to write a plugin for roots though.
The css-pipeline plugin should have common overlap with the functionality you're looking for
Jeff Escalante
Apr 15 2016 13:59
@dbox yeah you can use the dump_dirs option
@oliver41 yeah no idea what that is honestly
Daniel Box
Apr 15 2016 14:03
@jenius is that a roots thing?
Daniel Box
Apr 15 2016 14:29
found it
Daniel Box
Apr 15 2016 14:37
I tried: dump_dirs: ['views', 'views/projects/*', 'assets']
basically i just want to dump everything in views/projects to root level
Daniel Box
Apr 15 2016 15:09
module.exports =
  ignores: ['', '**/layout.*', '**/_*/*','.gitignore', 'ship.*conf']
  dump_dirs: ['views', 'views/projects/*', 'assets']
i'm guessing that's not correct ...
Daniel Box
Apr 15 2016 15:34
Oh.. maybe it doenst like subfolders?
Jeff Escalante
Apr 15 2016 15:48
ah yeah guess it doesnt
Daniel Box
Apr 15 2016 17:45
weep. ah well
Apr 15 2016 19:41
Hi. I'm working on a roots site and doing pretty well with it. :) But I'm stuck on how to get .jade files down in my site folder hierarchy in views to get the right path to the master css file. It works fine for .jade files at the same level as layout.jade (they all extend layout), but not for those in sub-folders. Do I need to specify an argument in the != css()? Thanks for help. (I had a look at the css_pipeline readme.... not sure what that's all about...)