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Apr 2016
Apr 17 2016 03:27
@jenius - I am working on a blog which uses the roots wordpress extension. I ran into an issue while attempting to add functionality for "load more posts" using the method that you described in your video "Hybrid Static & APIs". Everything works perfectly EXCEPT for the link to the post. It seems that "post._url" is not available to posts that were loaded onto the page from an API. Is there any way around this?? Thanks!
Gristel Periwinkle
Apr 17 2016 09:30
Hi all..
Is there any way to ‘order’ your content files when using dynamic-content? I want to display my chapters in a specific order. Thanks
Jeff Escalante
Apr 17 2016 16:09
@tgustilo yeah = css('/') will do it
@jessepollak we are using roots-mini in production at my company
however, its much less stable than primary roots
and we are making breaking changes to it regularly
and can't promise if you need something that we'd be able to get it done immediately
for a simple site that doesn't have tight deadlines, it might be worth a shot
otherwise id go with roots normal
@andrewgrano yeah the API itself does not have knowledge of roots' helpers
we form _url from the post's slug
just do 'posts/' + post.slug + '.html'
or something like this
and you should be able to get it to resolve
Tyler Thrailkill
Apr 17 2016 19:11
Hi, I'm trying to run roots watch and I'm getting an error about [Error: Error: object Object] is not a PostCSS plugin], but I have no clue how to debug it. Here's the message in its entirety.
This message was deleted
any clue on what to look for? I thought it was a dependency issue, but I updated everything. Not sure how to figure out which plugin is causing it.
sorry if this is a stupid question...
Jeff Escalante
Apr 17 2016 19:23
@snowe2010 I'd try removing your postcss plugins 1 by 1
find out which one causes the error
Tyler Thrailkill
Apr 17 2016 19:25
such a simple thing to do. don't know why I didn't try it at first. ok thanks
Gristel Periwinkle
Apr 17 2016 19:26
@snowe2010 which one was it?
Tyler Thrailkill
Apr 17 2016 19:27
seems to be nestedprops
Gristel Periwinkle
Apr 17 2016 19:30
ok thanks. Just to know what to look for in the future :)
Tyler Thrailkill
Apr 17 2016 19:31
found this jedmao/postcss-nested-props#5 which indicates that if you use require('postcss-nested-props').default it will work. and it does!