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May 2016
Noel Quiles
May 12 2016 00:07
A great time to head into the Gitter today :smile: Good news!
Tom Kraak
May 12 2016 02:44
exciting times!
May 12 2016 10:05
@jenius we just started using roots for all of our static site development and it's been awesome this far. Any chance you guys would do a similar example like in mojotechs case video (with simple routing, single page app feel). I have a hard time grasping the rendering part and their source is unavailable
Michael Power
May 12 2016 22:54
we currently have a plain static site. It is hosted using nginx so we use simple keyword substitution to specialize the html content for our test environment. Can roots be easily used todo simply keyword substitution? It should find all occurances of a string like and replace it with