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May 2016
May 13 2016 00:41
I have added Roots to my project in the framework dockers... and intend on using sprout too .... check out my dinosaur lingo
ps- you still haven't hired me .... booo
Ben Styles
May 13 2016 07:05
@dodtsair check out my extension roots-i18n in npm for one approach to keyword substitution (I'm substituting strings delimited with {{ }} but the same rules should apply).
Jeff Escalante
May 13 2016 14:59
hahaha @forktheweb this readme is legitimately insane
i still have no idea what this is or how to use it though
maybe a straightforward explanation and usage example up closer to the top?
Jeff Escalante
May 13 2016 15:05
hello lovely people! for anyone interested in roots-mini, which is now spike, please join:
roots and spike will be entirely separate projects, but both will still be supported. although eventually roots will be put in LTS mode, and spike will be more actively developed as far as features etc
Tom Kraak
May 13 2016 15:35
for someone just getting into this, should I focus on spike then?