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May 2016
Daniel Box
May 18 2016 02:39
Sweeeet. Thanks! Love it.
Daniel Box
May 18 2016 15:02
my only slight beef so far might be saying all global stuff should be prefixed with g-
Not only is this gratuitous repetition, it's ignoring the natural power of css and the natural semantics of html, and is much more work to write and harder to read. And it gets worse and worse the more levels of nesting you have. Remember, CSS stands for Cascading style sheets -- why ignore the main strength of css, then replicate it yourself in a less efficient manner?
Jeff Escalante
May 18 2016 16:13
yeah so the g- prefix is from experience
without it, there's no way to know whether you are looking at a page-specific style or a global style
and there's no differentiation between them
so things get confusing
with the g- prefix, devs know immediately what they are dealing with and where to find it
and not to mess with it unless they are being suuuper careful
i'd definitely be open to discussing a different way to set them apart, but from experience with large sites, the global styles need some indication that they are in fact global
basically it goes, does it have a g-? look into the globals stylesheet. is it just a straight up class or id? look into the page's stylesheet. super easy to see what's going on