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May 2016
Isak Grozny
May 25 2016 02:13
i can't make a new project with roots 5.0
it tells me there's no base template and i'm not sure where i'm supposed to get it
as the carrot roots base template won't work; it says it can't find init.js
Jeff Escalante
May 25 2016 03:49
@isakgrozny try running roots tpl reset then trying again
Roger K.
May 25 2016 05:33
anyone around still? total rookie here with a basic question about why my 1111 local isn't spinning up
Tom Kraak
May 25 2016 15:38
@misterhtmlcss what's happening?
Jeff Escalante
May 25 2016 15:43
yeah drop the question and one of us can help :)
Roger K.
May 25 2016 20:19
@tkraak it was a total disaster. I don't use Stylus and I couldn't seem to follow along in the videos to get it setup to run sass and I don't know Jade either. Gulp even when I reinstalled globally doesn't seem to want to process the sass. So I'm taking a day away and studying again. I may just go back to Jekyll. More videos, so it's easier to find my way. :(
Jeff Escalante
May 25 2016 21:25
@misterhtmlcss yeah not knowing stylus, jade, or coffee is going to hurt
you can change to a bunch of different languages if there's one you prefer
you do not need to use gulp with roots at all
just npm i node-sass -S then make a .sass file
roots abstracts a lot of the BS to make less config
we're always here and happy to help with stuff if you need it!
Roger K.
May 25 2016 21:57
@jenius yeah I'm game to give it a go. I'd rather be using Roots I feel than Jekyll. I don't want to get involved with ruby stuff. I'm focused on Nodejs (JS underpinning only) and Sass. That's my sole focus.
I'll get back to you guys tomorrow. Thanks man!
Jeff Escalante
May 25 2016 23:33
@misterhtmlcss if you really want to live on the edge, start thinking about moving from sass to postcss. This is the future for js-based frontend workflows
it's also where we are pushing roots' successor
but either way sounds like a good plan. good luck with everything!