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May 2016
Jeff Escalante
May 31 2016 02:10
not even the smallest consideration
it's easily distributed through npm
you can use it globally with npm i roots -g or locally with npm i roots -D then put a npm script in the package.json
May 31 2016 04:37
Quick question... If I understand the dynamic-content extension correctly, the content file is a jade file. If that's the case, wouldn't it defeat the purpose of writing content in Markdown if presentation and content is going to be mixed together? I'm just trying to figure out what to tell the non-developers how to use roots... And Contentful is not an option.
Gristel Periwinkle
May 31 2016 08:33
@jescalan I was just being curious :-)
Jeff Escalante
May 31 2016 14:20
@enagic in a jade file you can just drop :markdown and write your markdown as usual. having it in jade gives you the ability to use block, layout, and take manual control with html if you want, which for many people is an important feature
having non-developers use roots is typically a bad idea
non-developers don't have the same mindset as developers when it comes to being extremely specific with syntax, checking the results, diagnosing the problem, and going back and repairing it
any experience i have had with non-developers working directly on projects has resulted in consistently sloppy syntax that has to be checked and corrected by a dev
since in order to use roots and check the resukts, a non-dev would need to be able to use the command line, which is generally not the case
you can support any CMS with roots that exposes an API. wordpress works, there's one call siteleaf that an extension could be built for, we're working on one right now called Rooftop CMS, etc.
But I would strongly advise using a cms over having non-devs attempt to edit a project in a framework intended for professional developers
Dominic Monroe
May 31 2016 14:39
Wasn't there a web hosting platform that provided a roots CMS also?
Jeff Escalante
May 31 2016 14:40
yeah, netlify
good call, also a solid option
Oren Mizrahi
May 31 2016 22:54
does roots collection works with roots ? using an md file with the proper heading --- does not seem to yield the entry.title or entry.X parameters
Oren Mizrahi
May 31 2016 23:09
!= entry.title
          p +++++++
          .post-body!= entry.body
          p -------
no title
the md file:
title:  "substack blog"
date:   2014-04-21 10:33:56
categories: "season6 episodes"
shortdesc: "Finn and Jake follow the Lich to the Citadel, where Finn meets his long lost dad."
banner: "/img/citadel.jpg"

# browserify

`require('modules')` in the browser
post shows... no other meta data is shown with it
no title no categories...