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Jun 2016
Máté Hajzsó
Jun 10 2016 21:37
hey guys, does anyone have experience with roots and php backend? is it viable? or should it be avoided? Tbh I don't want to leave my comfy stylus/jade environment, I can ditch jade for something else but jeets/rupture/axis is just too good not to try and keep them
Or any tips on setting up a similar environment for php? I found stylus.php but I'm not sure how to implement it
this is my first project with php backend so any tips would be greatly appreciated
Máté Hajzsó
Jun 10 2016 22:36
okay stylus.php is out of the question
Jeff Escalante
Jun 10 2016 23:20
you can run a php backend no problem
just run it separate from roots
roots generates your front end, then connect it up with roots-records and js to a PHP-based API
you can install php and node on the same server and have it compile and serve both parts of the site if you want
although as soon as you start dealing with PHP on a server, you will probably want to kill yourself and end up switching to node
and it would be a better decision anyway bc then you only are working with one language across your whole stack, and that language is not PHP, so all wins