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Jun 2016
Tom Kraak
Jun 14 2016 01:02
body(id= is still giving me grief :(
Eleazar Junsan
Jun 14 2016 01:55

Thanks for the clarifications @jescalan, I guess I should be asking @biilmann for roots-collections?

Anyway @jescalan, the reason why I shift from Records to Collections is that we found bug when sorting items list by date.

A Question for @biilmann :smile:

I have a question regarding 'roots-collections' is there an easy way to extend its functionality such as streaming an 'JSON' format for all the posts being generated?
In 'roots-records' this is fairly possible, but I'm currently using the RC plugin to generate our blog.

You might have already guess where I'm going, yes I want to implemented an 'RSS FEED' for our Blog Posts.

Hopefully you can shed some lights, on where should we be heading into.



Edin Abazi
Jun 14 2016 09:59
how come live reloading is so slow in roots compared to browsersync? i used browsersync with this very same project before converting it to roots and it was way faster
Edin Abazi
Jun 14 2016 11:26
welp, it's faster now for some reason. weird.
Dominic Monroe
Jun 14 2016 13:52
Hmm, apparently roots no longer installs on linux?
derp, might not be that simple.
Jeff Escalante
Jun 14 2016 15:14
@eljun why didn't you file an issue about, or fix the bug? :D
@SevereOverfl0w working on my digital ocean box fine...
Tom Kraak
Jun 14 2016 16:23
@biilmann got the contentful api keys reading from env vars and netlify is building successfully now! happy dance :sparkles:
Jeff Escalante
Jun 14 2016 16:47
:tada: :tada: :tada: