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Jun 2016
Daniel Box
Jun 30 2016 01:37 UTC
yeah i think the spike implementation has much more promise, but i agree some exit and intro animamtion hooks could be super nice
actually only need exit animations
can just build the intro on next page into the css
David Eglin
Jun 30 2016 07:58 UTC
Depends on the loading strategy I guess.
Dan Woodward
Jun 30 2016 08:30 UTC
@jescalan thanks for the advice - got moment working like a charm!
Jeff Escalante
Jun 30 2016 14:25 UTC
@deedubbleyoo pew pew! nice work 🔫
David Eglin
Jun 30 2016 21:40 UTC
@jescalan @dbox I ended up deciding for the purposes of this particular exercise that I would write up a little worker script instead – Basically as soon as a user lands on the site, the page script scans for links pointing to the same domain and sends them off to the worker. The worker will then fetch the html for each linked page and dispatch it back to the browser script for storage. So it progressively loads and "caches" more links as you navigate around the site. Its not overly complicated but I think I'm pretty close to having it working. The advantage is that it means 1) Don't have to rely on a json file being produced at build time and 2) I have complete freedom to add transitions etc should I want to.
Jeff Escalante
Jun 30 2016 21:43 UTC
good idea!
i really like that
you should make that into a little js library