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Jul 2016
Jeff Escalante
Jul 04 2016 03:37
@kbohinski js linter the best way is to use a plugin for your text editor, honestly, or add a precommit hook with husky
babel you just npm i babel-core and it will compile js files
use babel as the config key in to pass config
David Eglin
Jul 04 2016 08:10
@kbohinski The primary difference for me personally is that Firebase seems to be very much focused on one account per app/site. Forge allows me to run multiple sites from the same account for my monthly payment. Netlify does the same, and if I were charging for any of the sites I would really consider using them, but for the moment Forge is cheaper, and I have a decent relationship with the guy that runs it, so I can feed back with features and suggestions for him... Its a growing company etc.
Jul 04 2016 11:50
This message was deleted
@jescalan Hello, How get roots compile result use linux shell?
Tom Kraak
Jul 04 2016 13:09
@tomoat please describe your problem in more detail
David Eglin
Jul 04 2016 16:19
Any idea how I go about sorting dynamic content by date? I found this: jescalan/roots#133 , but sort doesn't seem to be a function when I try to use it.