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Jul 2016
Jeff Escalante
Jul 11 2016 14:04
@tomoat the error is pretty clear, it's a permissions issue
it looks like the user you are executing from doesn't have access to write its own home directory
or you are somehow executing this from a user that thinks its home directory is root
running with sudo should solve the problem, but figuring out how you want to structure the permissions is even better
roots keeps some settings stored on your machine (for new project templates and defaults), and it will try to write those settings to your home dir, which should be accessible
@henryfaber if you can put up a copy of the project somewhere, one of us might be able to help
hard to diagnose without any information though
Jul 11 2016 15:06
Thanks, @jescalan. I'll get some info for you asap.
Jeff Escalante
Jul 11 2016 15:06