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Aug 2016
Eleazar Junsan
Aug 08 2016 02:02

Good morning guys!

It seems roots is growing now...cheers

Hello @djeglin, I'm sorry, but I can't use .jade file for my posts because I'm using for creating dynamic-contents. All posts are written in markdown files so using roots-collection is no longer an option for me.

I ended up creating simple module to parse markdown files and convert them to either json or rss feed. At least for now I found a way to solve it. Thanks for your help.

Jeff Escalante
Aug 08 2016 03:13
@eljun is it published? would be cool to add to our extensions list (
Jeff Escalante
Aug 08 2016 20:49
hi guys, a draft but want to show everyone here first :)
Tom Kraak
Aug 08 2016 21:11
oh shit, that will be so helpful! :clap:
Daniel Box
Aug 08 2016 21:48
When we started building roots a few years ago, IE7 was still on our necessary browser support list
o rly
looks good
Jeff Escalante
Aug 08 2016 21:53