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Aug 2016
Jeff Escalante
Aug 15 2016 02:39
Hi @thedarkduscher! So this is an issue specifically with the way that multipass compilation is configured
the issue is that while you don't actually want .min.js files to be processed at all, babel uses the .js extension as its default
so it will try to process the file, and detecting another extension, will treat it as multipass
this feature was written long before babel existed, and when all compile-to-js languages worked with different extensions, so the multipass logic was bulletproof
however, using straight up .js changes this assumption a little bit
there are a couple ways to handle this
1) change the .min filename to -min or something like this to eliminate the extra extension logic
2) PR in a "vendor" feature, which would be an value accepting a globstring which contained files that would normally be compiled, but should be skipped
this is the way it's handled in spike, the next generation of roots, which uses babel by default:
3) abandon roots and roll with spike, although spike is very much beta-stage software at the moment, and is significantly different from roots, so I would not recommend this if you have a large existing app written in roots or a tight launch deadline
Jeff Escalante
Aug 15 2016 02:45
While I do not have the time at the moment to write the vendor feature into roots myself, I'd be happy to help/advise if you are willing to lead up the effort on contributing it :)
Philipp Mandler
Aug 15 2016 13:29
@jescalan thanks for your help! Since the app is in a very early stage I just migrated to Spike. Except for some issues with the automatic reloading it runs great!
Jeff Escalante
Aug 15 2016 14:34
@thedarkduscher awesome! yeah that is a documented issue with the posthtml jade plugin. tbh we are in the process of switching off of jade to reshape (
this will mean a few syntax changes and a short period of instability, but this will likely be the last major change before we're looking at a stable release
feel free to join the spike gitter channel with questions :+1: