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Aug 2016
Marc Haan
Aug 17 2016 10:41

Hey how should I go about routing and redirecting with roots?
This is what I'm looking for:

I have a view called 'project' which shows dynamic content of all the projects.

So project 1, project 2 are all loaded in the view 'projects'.

What I need is for www.home/project/1 and www.home/project/2 to all use the same 'project' view.

Can any one point me in the right direction?

Jeff Escalante
Aug 17 2016 13:51
hey @Hoenoe -- this functionality has nothing to do with roots at all
you're looking for a front-end framework
any framework that does this will work with roots, just load it up with a normal script tag
Personally, I would suggest vue.js
however, there are a wide range of them. probably react/redux is the most popular right now
ohh wait im sorry
i misinterpreted the question