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Aug 2016
Marc Haan
Aug 25 2016 10:10 UTC

Hey guy,
Maybe a bit of topic when it comes to roots but I can't really seem to find a answer.

How does it work to loop to a json file in jade?
The json file is in my root dir.

Jeff Escalante
Aug 25 2016 14:19 UTC
you can require the json file in and add its contents to the locals
then just use a normal jade loop
you can also use this if you want
Chris Earls
Aug 25 2016 21:20 UTC
I'm using the sprout contentful template. Everything is working great, except that I get "Error: ReferenceError: slugify is not defined" during build. Do I need to add this manually or am I missing something?
Jeff Escalante
Aug 25 2016 21:28 UTC
I think maybe @kylemac might be able to help with this one
Kyle MacDonald
Aug 25 2016 21:29 UTC
@cearls is this the sprout template you're using?
slugify comes from underscore.string (a dependency here:
Kyle MacDonald
Aug 25 2016 21:38 UTC
make sure you see that package in your node_modules or re run npm install