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Sep 2016
Caleb Eby
Sep 23 2016 00:45
I am using roots-records and although it is pulling the information in (I can access it via records in the views), it is not creating new pages with template and out
Caleb Eby
Sep 23 2016 01:13
I think the hook parameter is not being called. If I console.log from there, nothing happens. Without the hook parameter, the data is an object instead of an array.
Caleb Eby
Sep 23 2016 01:22
Part of
        url: ""
        hook: (data) ->
          periods = Object.keys(data).map (key) ->
        template: 'views/_period.jade',
        out: (period) -> "/classes/#{period.about.dataName}.html"

Caleb Eby
Sep 23 2016 01:28
Never mind, it was a mixed indentation problem
Jeff Escalante
Sep 23 2016 18:08