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Oct 2016
Tom Kraak
Oct 21 2016 14:35
@budparr @jescalan … how did it go last night? still bummed that I missed it :worried:
Jeff Escalante
Oct 21 2016 15:20
We had a great time for sure! Were sad that you couldnt make it of course, but maybe next time!
Daniel Box
Oct 21 2016 15:41
anyone video the talk?
Jeff Escalante
Oct 21 2016 16:02
yeah, i'll let you know when its out
it might be a while
Tom Kraak
Oct 21 2016 20:51
yeah, hopefully soon … and video would be cool
Bud Parr
Oct 21 2016 21:29
Hi guys. Been mailing clients about the web melting down today. We had a great time, @tkraak and @jescalan was awesome. I'm very excited about spike. I'll be posting the video soon.