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Nov 2016
James Dinsdale
Nov 25 2016 08:44
@tkraak That won’t do it either, that’ll just stop it from being copied at all. Doesn’t appear to be a way of doing it that I can find. I might just try adding it to ignores and then copying it manually in the after hook
Tom Kraak
Nov 25 2016 13:09
that makes me realize how spoiled I am by spike :cactus: already
Jeff Escalante
Nov 25 2016 18:05
ah yeah so we dont have a vendor option for roots at the moment
it wouldn't be too tough to PR in though if anyone is interested
@molovo if you remove marked from the dependencies it wont be processed by accord
accord looks for the file and marked in the deps
if you dont have either of those it wont process