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Nov 2016
James Dinsdale
Nov 28 2016 08:26
@jescalan I need marked to process my posts though, it’s just the items in one particular subfolder that I don’t want to be processed
Edin Abazi
Nov 28 2016 14:16
hey guys, i need some help with ordering the post listing. i'm listing them with each post in site.views.plan.blocka and each post file has a apartment: '1' or apartment: '2' definition in the frontmatter. how can i order them by apartment?
it can be defined as an integer too, doesn't have to be a string
Jeff Escalante
Nov 28 2016 14:54
@molovo this would require a PR to add a vendor setting then
@edinchez you can use Array.sort, built in to javascript :)
something like site.views.plan.blocka.sort((a, b) => parseInt(a.apartment) > parseInt(b.apartment))
Edin Abazi
Nov 28 2016 14:56
that seems to have done it, thank you so much!