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Dec 2016
Jeff Escalante
Dec 11 2016 21:05
@cmichaelcooper hmm, weird! that doesn't make a ton of sense to me honestly, if jade reloads hbs should too...
@artjulian_twitter installing locally is fine, if those peer deps aren't met it will still work ok
Les intendants IT
Dec 11 2016 21:51

Hi there !
I've been playing with roots in past month and wanted to thank you for this awesome tool. I'm quite excited to discover spike as well ! Today I tried to use factor-bundle package with roots-browerify extension, but haven't sorted out how to declare this package in opts. I mean I tried to follow doc, doing something like this :

      files: [
      out: 'js/build.js'
      opts: [
        extensions: ['.js', '.json', '.coffee']
        package: ['factor-bundle -o js/main.js -o js/page1.js']
      transforms: ['coffeeify', 'debowerify']

but this dosn't seem to work :( Maybe someone here has already done that ? Thanks from France ! Mat