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Mar 2017
Mar 03 2017 18:57
@jescalan - hello! I just wanted to give you an update on the issue that we were discussing previously. It took me some time, but I implemented a solution based on the advice that you gave me! You can see on pages like this and that more posts are rendered on-page-load. Also, on the homepage, if you click "more recent stories" enough times to load over 100 posts, it will load posts from the second URL. So yeah, thanks again for all your help! I'm very happy with the solution!
Jeff Escalante
Mar 03 2017 19:16
this is awesome!
i am working on a large blog right now that uses a very similar technique
caches out the first 100 posts and tries to load out of the cache
if there are more needed, it hits contentful and fills in the rest
also i have been informed that you can spin up a web worker and fetch even more posts with no perf or interactivity consequence on your page
so you could, if you want to optimize further, run a web worker that fetches even more posts and never have a wait to see more content
congrats on making this happen! this is a big refactor, and impressive that you pulled it off so quick