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Mar 2017
Ramanathan Kashinathan Iyer
Mar 09 2017 08:35
Hi there,
I am using roots with roots-records to fetch data from an API service, and render it on a jade template. But my requirement is to use nunjucks templates. Is there any way, I could add a nunjucks extension? I understand roots uses 'accord' to compile its files, and nunjucks doesn't seem to be covered in it.
I've tried looking for roots with nunjucks templating on the net, but wasn't able to find anything.
Jeff Escalante
Mar 09 2017 15:12
hi @iyerrama25! So yeah you got it right -- you'd need to add a nunjucks adapter to accord to make it work
luckily accord adapters are pretty simple. i'd be happy to review and merge if you PR one
another alternative is to switch to using spike
which is roots' spiritual successor, built on top of webpack so you can use any webpack loader with it
there is certainly a nunjucks loader ready for use there