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Jul 2017
David Eglin
Jul 21 2017 15:41
Hello all :) Quick question for you all: Has anyone figured out a way to get the output from the stylus render into an inline style tag in your templates? Basically I'm doing some optimisation of a project for speed, and the main css is relatively small, so moving it to an inline style tag makes sense. (I know about roots-css-inliner, but that's for proper inlining to style attributes on tags, like is used for html emails etc)
@bdekok not an extension, but this is easily enough achieved through JS - I include in my vendor script, and a simple bit of css for a colour scheme
Jeff Escalante
Jul 21 2017 16:47
would need to be done through an extension
if you are running speed optimizations though, thats probably a pretty far down the list optimization tbh
running extra optimization on images and javascript come way before this
picture element with webp source, srcset and sizes are first priority
the js bundle trimming and aggressive splitting for http/2 load
if you get there and its still slow, inlining css is probably not going to fix the issue haha
loading css typically is extremely fast